Tips for Moving into Storage: Spring 2023!

Moving can be daunting enough already, and moving into storage adds extra factors that can add extra stress. Before you panic, just know there are several ways to help streamline your experience and make things run smoothly. Of course we’ve spoken about the benefits of hiring a moving company before, but choosing a good storage company is important as well. For a more hands off experience, booking storage through the moving company helps a ton too. Not to brag or something, but we do happen to offer storage here at Bookstore MoversWe also have a 20% off discount for our storage!

To keep your move into storage a little more stress-free try:

-Scheduling storage and moving as far in advance as possible with a well-researched company (check out our glowing reviews on Yelp! Just sayin’).

-Making any building reservations (elevators, loading docks, street permits, etc) as soon as you can.

-Making sure you stay on top of your inventory list–if there are any changes, you’ll want to get a revised estimate as soon as you can to make sure everything is still projected to fit in the truck and storage.

-Deciding on any items you may want to take yourself (like very fragile ones) or leave out of storage (such as extremely meaningful items that you may want to keep with you).

-Packing well and labeling your boxes–if you need help packing, we do offer that service as well!

-Making sure items are clean and organized. You will thank me later.

-Staging the items in your home so that moving them out is quicker. This is especially a boon during this pandemic, as it makes social distancing easier. 

-For the ultimate smooth storage process, stay informed and in touch with your company of choice. It’s important to know what’s in store, after all. (Badum-ching!)

If you are able to complete these steps, you’ll have a quicker and more organized move. If you do choose to move into our storage, we’ll send an invoice with the hours and hourly rate (previously discussed in your estimate) as well as a list of any materials used when packing your items into storage. We just recently opened a second storage facility in Elkridge, and would love to help store your items! So if you’re interested in a storage estimate, we’re happy to send one and hope we can help. 

New Years: Finally 2021

This year was… a lot. It was a lot. Not all of it was bad, as you can see in this earlier blog, but I don’t think anyone is sad to see 2020 go. As we welcome in the New Year and write up our resolutions, let’s really try to focus on what we’d like 2021 to bring. Whether you pray, meditate, or just send out good vibes– why not start with a little positivity?

I suggest an exercise: think of what you want next year to be. Healthy and safe would be number one for me. Maybe creative, productive, fun. Think of the family and friends you’d like to stay in contact with, even if it has to be online or over the phone. Everything you want the next year to give to you.

Perhaps this exercise yields nothing. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, what is this, The Secret? Manifestation? What good is that phooey? And maybe you’re right. Maybe you are. But, what’s the harm in daydreaming? And more so, why can’t you work to make reality just a bit more like your daydreams?

I want next year to be safer and healthier for myself and those around me, so I’m diligent with my mask and social distancing. I want to be close to people I love, so I schedule time to talk in advance and activities we can do together even when we’re apart–hello Netflix Watch Party! I want to focus on my creativity so I try new things and run with them. Like writing a blog entry, or making up exercises. And for your goals, you can do the same.

So make your lists. Think of all the things that can bring you closer to the way you want things to be. Breathe deep. Take some time to yourself. Sleep well, eat well, stay hydrated. And gosh darn it, bring a coat with you– it’s cold!

Have a Happy New Year! May it be full of love and growth, and most of all: may it not be 2020.

Moving in the Time of Covid-19

The list of things that are absurdly stressful in life is infinite. Thinking of this list is itself on the list. In any other year, I’d put ‘Moving’ right up at the top there. In 2020… you know, there’s a few other things that have been going on. But if we’re looking at ‘Pandemic’ right at the top of the list, we know there’s a couple subcategories, and moving is definitely one of those.

There are plenty of things that can help though–case and point, hiring a moving company (and packing! And storage! We gotchu!). We work hard at keeping our Covid-19 procedures up to date, and you can check out what we’re up to in our emails and at The information below will also be available in our emails and updates, so don’t worry if you forget about it! 

Here are the things you can do to make sure you have a (more) stress-free move:

  • Be sure to keep areas–especially high touch areas like doorknobs and handrails–cleaned and disinfected. This will protect both your crew and yourself. 
  • Mask up!
  • Stage your items prior to the move so that they’re focused in a smaller area and are easier to grab and move.
  • Have hand soap, water, and paper towels on hand so that everyone can wash up periodically. Don’t forget to show your crew where these items are at the beginning of your move! 
  • Practice social distancing with your crew. You can step outside if it’s warm enough. We suggest prioritizing one room for your crew to get started in, and once that room is clear you can wait in there until the walkthrough. 
  • Limit the amount of people on location. A lot of people may offer to help with your move, but we always suggest you leave it to the professionals. In this climate, it is just safer in general.
  • Open windows for more ventilation.

Overall, there’s not too much you have to do to make sure your move is performed as safely and efficiently as possible. Essentially: a stress-free move involves some prep and then a hands-free approach. Stay safe out there! 

A Very 2020 Thanksgiving

In a year like 2020, it can be hard to feel thankful. Maybe things are rough right now, and maybe they haven’t been great for a while. We all feel that right now. It’s no real surprise. Not many of us have a gratitude journal to show for the last 8 months.

But even in darkness you can find things to be thankful for, whether you realize it or not. As we come up on an incredibly lowkey Thanksgiving that will see us without tons of guests or traveling, let’s look at what has gotten us through.

Essential Workers: If you’re an essential worker, you seriously deserve the world at this point— and I’m not just saying that being movers are essential. There are people literally putting their lives on the line not just to care for the sick or old, but also to stock grocery shelves and ring up toilet paper (if there is any). Seriously, there is no way to thank people enough for doing a difficult job is difficult times and doing their best to do it safely—masks, gloves, hand washing, sanitizer, the whole shebang.

The People You’re Quarantined With (Sometimes): Thank you for being here so I’m not just talking to myself. Please stop judging the amount of packages I receive.

Time: In quarantine, we struggle with too much time. We’re bored. We want this to be over. But we also have time to do those little things we love, like going back to our self care routines and investing time in our passions again. Maybe it’s not ideal, but it is a silver lining if you can let yourself get into it.

Friends and Family: We’re thankful for this every year, true, but isn’t it amazing to see the lengths at which people will go to stay in touch? The emails, phone calls, and Zoom sessions. Real life letters (what?!) and surprise care packages. If you’ve lost someone over this time, you may know this especially. Attending a video call funeral is terrible. I’ve not enjoyed it. But the family in town who have put these together and created some semblance of a celebration of life for your departed loved one are doing so much to make things more normal, and I can’t commend them enough.

Quarantine Food Trends and Netflix Binges: Remember this phase of quarantine? Let’s go back. Let’s pick a show for everyone to watch, binge it, and then make some kinda gross but really cute whipped coffee. Lift that collective consciousness with reality TV, sugar, and caffeine.

Video Games You Can Play With Family And Also Attack Them In: Get in that family game night and also secretly murder your family, you impostor you!

Whatever the holidays are to you, whatever 2020 has been, there’s always something to be thankful for. As always, we’re thankful for you, too. Remember to stay safe these holidays. Remember to give back and to shop local to support businesses that may need the extra help. Remember to be thankful. And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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For once, we’ll be directing you to another blog! Check out Moving Mistakes You Need to Avoid on the Redfin blog to see some great advice from moving companies across the country– including yours truly! If you want learn from some fantastic companies (not that we’re here tooting our own horn… that much), this is the place. Happy moving!

An Incomplete List of College Moving Mishaps

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they decide it’s a good idea to try and move themselves. For most, this point is college. But regardless of the time in your life, it can seem so tempting– save some money, just bribe friends with pizza and beer! It’s your stuff, so you’ll treat it the best, right? Not always right. It’s the true test of friendship– you’ll see how many people show up, and how many people are willing to help post mid-move breakdown. 

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Giving Tuesday, 2019

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! As always, we here at Bookstore Movers are thankful for all we have– from the roof over our heads to a friendly dog, cat, or flock of sheep to curl up with at home, we’ve got a lot to be grateful for. 

It’s important during the season, when the whole world is lit up with neon ‘BUY BUY BUY’ signs, that we remember to give. During the holiday season, we give to friends and family to show affection. We give to charity because we have what we need, and hope to share that. If you’ve got a long list of things to be thankful for, whether it’s cozy socks and mugs of cocoa or awesome coworkers who send you pictures of their sheep, it’s prime time for giving and sharing that joy. 

This Giving Tuesday, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite Community Builders

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How to Move Plants

If you’re a plant fan, then chances are we don’t have to sell you on the why– indoor plants boost mood, reduce stress, clean air, and do their best to keep you healthy and happy. That’s why people work so hard to do the same for their plants. There are some obvious perils to plant life like pests and environment that can stress a plant out irrevocably. Luckily, moving doesn’t have to be one. 

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Packing: Know Your Boxes

When it comes to packing your living space, knowing what moving boxes and materials are necessary can be a daunting task. There’s already so much to do, and getting prepared is half the battle. We at Bookstore Movers do offer comprehensive packing services, but for those hoping to take matters into their own hands, we’re happy to give a bit of guidance! In this first article, we’ll handle moving boxes–there’s plenty to talk about!

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