Is your company licensed and insured?
Do you have a minimum?
What is your pricing structure and what can I expect to pay?
What is the travel fee?

How do you calculate the minimum time and any time beyond it?
Do you use temporary day laborers?
Do the movers work fast, or do they stall to pad the clock?
Will the price in my estimate change on moving day if there are extra stairs, more boxes or longer walks than I thought when I filled out the form?
Do you offer packing services?
I have some things like my antique desk, couch, and a few paintings and mirrors that I want wrapped up for the move. Do I need to schedule packing services for this?
Do you provide labor-only (no truck) services?
Do you do long distance moves?
Can you move my piano?
I live in a rowhouse with a narrow staircase, and some of my furniture would actually need to be hoisted onto the back deck to get it upstairs. Can you help with this?
I think it would be easier to tape up my dresser with the clothes still inside so they don't have to be boxed separately. Is it ok to do this?
All of our beds need to be dis-assembled and then put back together at the new place. Can you help with this?
What about my flat screen TV? Can you take it off the wall mount for me? And it's fragile, so how will you make sure it's protected in the truck?
I need two different pick up locations for my move since some of my boxes and furniture are at my current house and some are in a storage unit. Can you do this for me?
What types of payments do you accept? Do you require a deposit?
Do you accept tips?
Do you have a cancellation fee?
How do I book a move with Bookstore Movers?
What is the warehouse fee?