The estimate provided by Bookstore Movers (“BSM”) is generated using the information provided by the client via our website “Estimate Form,” over email correspondence, and/or the phone, as well as our considerable experience in assessing similar moves. Estimates are not flat rates or “do not exceed” amounts. The vast majority of our moves are completed within about an hour of our stated estimate. However, in some cases a move may take longer, sometimes much longer. It depends on all the client’s belongings, how well those belongings were boxed up and packed, how long the walks are, how many stairs there are, how close parking is, etc, and how accurate the client was in furnishing this key information to us in time for the estimate. Traffic and weather and other “acts of God” can of course also have a significant impact.

When our crew arrives for a move, they assess the situation and let the client know if they see the move taking significantly longer than predicted. If so, in order to speed up the move and maintain BSM’s moving schedule for the day, we reserve the right to send in additional manpower (subject to availability). See below for the corresponding fee schedule:

-$40 each additional mover. Client pays only for their time spent on the job, not travel to/from the location
-$75 if we have to bring in an additional 16 foot truck (very rare and subject to availability)
-$125 if we have to bring in an additional 26 foot truck (very rare and subject to availability)

We believe these charges are fair and proportional, not punitive in any way.


BSM reserves the right to reschedule the move at a time agreed upon with the client, in the case of unforeseen circumstances that might make the move hazardous to the client’s possessions or our workers, including but not limited to, snow, ice, rain, acts of terrorism, and acts of God.

If it is not possible to finish the move in the time allocated and manpower available to us, BSM reserves the right to attend to the other obligations in our schedule before returning to complete the job.

In accordance with Department of Transportation regulations, we must limit our workers’ workdays to 12 hours. If a worker reaches this limit, BSM reserves the right to postpone a job to another date or send in a replacement worker.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Fee

We wish we didn’t have to, but when clients cancel on short notice it can be difficult to find a replacement move for our crews. If the client cancels or reschedules within a week of their move it amounts to a one hour fee, based on the hourly rate. Inside of 48 hours is a 2 hour fee. After the close of business the night before the move (and on the day of the move), the quoted minimum of the move will be charged. So please try to do everything in your power to not cancel your move! One thing to check is that your buildings don’t have any move date/time restrictions, or elevator restrictions. These fees do not apply if the rescheduling is due to an Act of God (blizzard, terrorism, collapsed bridges).


The client is responsible for obtaining safe and legal parking for the moving truck and movers. Not reserving parking can add greatly to the walking distance necessary for a move and thus the time and cost. Any tickets or fines incurred during your move due to a lack of reserved or available parking will be added to the bill. If there are no proximate and safe parking options for a move we may be forced to reschedule in which case the rescheduling fee is the responsibility of the client (this has never actually happened, but it is important for clients to know that we cannot do moves while also dodging traffic/being towed). We ask for the parking permits to be on the same side of the street as your locations. We cannot ever move items across a street as that is a safety hazard.


Customers must pay in full at the completion of the move unless other arrangements have been made with BSM prior to the start of the move. The client or appointed representative must be present during the move and during the final “walk-through.”

If Bookstore Movers has not received payment for work completed, 30 days after completion of the work, there will be a $50 fee assessed, or 1.5% MPR of the cumulative total owed (18% per year, compounding monthly) to accrue until the debt is paid, whichever is greater. This is to be charged at the discretion of BSM.

We will not process damage claims until payment has been received in full. We also will not process damage claims in the case of a credit card chargeback.

We accept checks, credit cards, and cash.

BSM may hire a collections company to collect on debts owed and/or take legal action. Customers are responsible for all costs of collection including actual attorney fees incurred.

Children and Pets

For safety reasons, children and pets must be kept out of the work area.


BSM will not move anyone with bedbugs. If we discover you have bedbugs, we reserve the right to exit the move immediately, even if unfinished, and charge for our time. If our blankets, equipment, or trucks were exposed to the infestation, we will bill you for the cost of decontamination/fumigation. We don’t mean to be harsh, but bedbugs are an existential risk to our entire business.

Unsanitary Conditions

BSM reserves the right to cancel a moving or packing job where there is evidence of rodent or bug infestations, or where conditions are otherwise unsanitary.  We don’t mean to be difficult, but as an employer we have a duty to not put our employees in a situation that poses a threat to their health. And as a service provider we have a duty to our other clients to provide them with a safe and healthy moving experience.

Dangerous situations

Safety is paramount when moving. Our workers are not allowed to work in unsafe situations like unfloored attics, on narrow or rickety fire escapes, on roofs, or in any situation where their footing feels compromised or that feels generally unsafe in their experienced judgment.

Our movers may agree to riskier than normal maneuvers in some circumstances, but this is completely at their discretion, and BSM is not responsible for any damage that may result and we may ask you to sign a waiver to this effect.


BSM is not licensed to move any hazardous materials, or potentially explosive materials or items, such as propane tanks and grills. We also are not licensed to move firearms of any type.

Freezers/refrigerators, waterbeds, and aquariums must be emptied and drained by the client prior to the move.

BSM can typically move upright pianos for an extra fee, but does not currently move baby grand or grand pianos, and does not typically move any pianos up or down internal stairs. If you need to move a piano and we aren’t able to help with it, we can put you in touch with some excellent piano movers.  

Damage and Limits of Liability
Below is our Damage  and Limits of Liability section.  It is very rare that we actually have to fall back on any of this language, as damage is not common, and when it does happen we are committed to making it right — if we didn’t, we would not have the excellent reputation that we do.  However, unfortunately in this industry and litigious society, we need to provide this language to “cover our butts”, so to speak.


Our movers are extremely experienced and good at what they do, and exceptionally careful with our clients’ possessions. We have just a few damage claims a year, and are very proud of this fact. However, in this industry, damage will happen from time to time. If damage is caused by our service, Bookstore Movers reserves the right to repair, compensate for, or replace the damaged items in question.

Any damage claims must be submitted in writing to Bookstore Movers within 48 hours of your move. We cannot process a claim unless payment has been made in full upon the completion of the move.

Compensation for lost or damaged items

Bookstore Movers liability for lost or damaged items is limited to $0.60 per pound per article unless additional insurance has been purchased by the customer in advance of the move. You can purchase additional insurance through Bookstore Movers — just ask us about getting “Full Value Protection” on your move.

However, light scratches, scuffs, nicks, dirt, and other light damages are not covered. More severe damage is looked at by all parties involved and assessed before a decision is made.

Simulated wood furniture

Simulated wood furniture includes particle board furniture, pressed wood furniture etc. It is typically made from engineered wood materials with a veneer surface. IKEA furniture is the most popular example of this kind of furniture. Simulated wood furniture is typically “flat-packed” during shipping and then assembled at home. According to manufacturer specifications, simulated wood furniture is not designed to be moved as assembled furniture. As you may have noticed in your own experience, it often has to be partially reassembled or adjusted even if moved or shifted a few feet. To ensure safe delivery of your simulated wood furniture, we recommend that you disassemble it before moving, thereby allowing BSM to move the flat-packed pieces. If you choose not to disassemble beforehand, we will do our absolute best to move your furniture carefully, however, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.

Exceptionally Large or Heavy Items

As stated on our quote form, client is responsible for informing BSM if they possess exceptionally large or heavy items, so BSM can be prepared with the necessary equipment and adequate “manpower”. In such a case, BSM reserves the right to send additional workers to assist with the item at reasonable rates. If adequate “manpower” is not available, BSM reserves the right to not move the item if it might result in a dangerous situation. If movers feel the exceptionally large or heavy item may cause damage in being moved, they will notify client of this possibility. If customer agrees, BSM will be as careful as possible, but is not responsible if any damage does occur to that item or walls, door frames, and the like. If customer does not agree, BSM will not move that item.

Items of exceptional size or weight must be specified in the initial estimate form; otherwise, BSM reserves the right to cancel a move if BSM feels it is not adequately equipped for such a move, or it could present an unacceptable risk or liability.
Special instructions
BSM shall not be held responsible for damage to items requiring special instructions if the client fails to provide such instructions, including, but not limited to, dis-assembly or assembly of such items. Items of exceptional value or fragility must be specified in the initial estimate form; otherwise, BSM reserves the right to cancel a move if BSM feels it is not adequately equipped for such a move, or it could present an unacceptable liability.

Improperly Packed Items

Improperly packed items includes items that are loaded into a box without any padding (such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing paper/newspaper), items loaded into a box that is then not properly sealed, items loading into a low-quality or compromised box, and items are not packed into a box at all. BSM workers are very careful with all client possessions, including improperly packed items, and we have a very good track record, but please be aware that this does increase the risk of damage, and that in the case of this possible outcome, we cannot be held responsible for damage.

Please look to the packing tips provided on our website and the following the video http://youtu.be/OM4a9plkskY, as well as other online resources, to help you pack a snug and secure box.

Glass, porcelain and ceramics

BSM shall not be held responsible for damage to glass, porcelain or ceramics in any form if they are not fully padded and prepared to be moved prior to our arrival. We will take special care of these items but we cannot be held liable for items that are not prepared to be moved.


BSM’s insurance carrier excludes coverage for high value items including, but not limited to, artwork, jewelry, checks, passports, documents, statues, etc. We suggest you obtain separate insurance coverage through your homeowner’s or renter’s policy at “stated value”, or move these items yourself, if possible. If BSM moves these items for you, we will do so with incredible care, and we haven’t yet broken or damaged any exceptionally high-value items. However, if damage does occur, BSM cannot be held responsible for the cost of replacing, repairing, or compensating for such items.

Tight Spaces

If an item being moved is large compared with the hallway, doorway, stairs, elevators or similar it is being moved through, BSM will notify customer that damage may result. If customer agrees, BSM will be as careful as possible, but is not responsible if any damage does occur to that item or walls, door frames, and the like. If customer does not agree, BSM will not move that item.

Lost Items

In order to save the client time and money, we do not typically take an inventory of items to be moved. If you would like us to, please let us know beforehand and we will try to accommodate. However, please be aware this may not be possible per our schedule, and if it is, it will take extra and time and therefore cost the client extra money. Because we do not typically take inventory, it is the responsibility of the client, to make sure no items are left behind, forgotten, misplaced, or lost during the course of the move, and BSM cannot be held responsible.

Electronics and Mechanical Items

All reasonable precautions will be taken by our moving crew to assure electronic and mechanical items and equipment are transported in good working order. However, because of the inherent sensitivity of these types of items, we cannot be held responsible for the failure of such items to perform after being moved, unless there is visible physical damage clearly and specifically caused by our handling. Items covered by this limitation include, but are not limited to, televisions, stereos, computers, hard drives and other digital and analog storage mediums and devices, washers, dryers, other household appliances, antique clocks, etc.

We strongly encourage the customer to pack their electronics in the original boxes with the original packaging. BSM cannot be held responsible for electronics that are not properly prepared in the original packaging. This particularly applies to computers.


Please keep in mind that modern flat screen TVs are extremely fragile and not meant to be moved again once out of their original packaging. We will do our best and handle them with caution and care, but if you have a newer flat screen, you should be aware they are sometimes damaged in the process of a move and we only cover damage for an item like that at the industry standard of $0.60/lb. based on the weight of the item. All TVs need to be boxed – you can provide the original box, or purchase a box specific to your TV size, or we can build a box onsite. We offer the materials for free as a benefit to you, but it does take time.


Repair or compensation for any item only extends to that particular item, not as it relates to a greater set. Repair or compensate shall be proportionate.


Fridges and stoves have a thin metal veneer that is extremely easy to scratch or dent. They are intended to be delivered once but not generally to move from location to location. We can move many major appliances, but we cannot be held responsible for dents, scratches or the working order of any major appliances. We highly recommend large appliances, especially stoves/ovens, be installed/uninstalled by a certified professional.

Floors, Walls, and Doors

We take great care to protect the customer’s floors and walls during a move. However, because we are moving furniture and other large items, it is always possible, though not common, for floors or walls to sustain damage. BSM insurance does not cover any scratches, nicks, scuffs and similar. In the rare occasions where more serious damage occurs, BSM is limited to $100 liability per residence where such damage has occurred. Additionally, although our movers will be careful not to soil floors and carpets with their shoes during a move and BSM has not received any customer complaints that this has taken place, it is a possibility. Since employee regulations do not permit our movers to remove their shoes during a move, we cannot be held responsible if floors or carpets are soiled during a move.

Marble, Granite, and Other Stone Items

Stone materials can have hairline cracks and unseen weaknesses that may make it impossible to prevent damage from occurring while being moved, no matter how delicately. Given this inherent risk, BSM cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to stone items at any point during your move.

Client assistance

You can help with any aspect of your move, but you are not permitted in the back of the truck or on the ramp and BSM cannot be held responsible for any injuries you incur while assisting with the move.

“Customer Carry”

BSM assumes no liability or responsibility for any items or cargo placed in the client’s own vehicle or in a rental vehicle or unit that BSM does not transport ourselves. We can pack and secure a load in client’s rental truck or Pod, but once it leaves our control, if we are not driving, we can no longer be responsible for the load.

Plants and Pets

BSM shall not be responsible in any way for plants or pets.