Want to get a price on this service? Simply click “yes” next to the packing question when filling out an online estimate form ( and we will include a detailed pricing estimate for this service.

*If you just want to make sure we can handle your larger framed wall items and hanging clothes in the closets, you don’t need our packing service, those are two things we can handle on moving day!*

Pro Tips for our detail driven clients: Our services do not include packing up anything perishable like items from your fridge/freezer, flammable, or illegal. We also find that most folks prefer to pack up their own medicine, valuables (such as jewelry, small electronics, irreplaceable items, etc), and important papers. We also do not box up your actual bed linens so yes, you can still sleep there and do not have to pay for a hotel! All packed boxes will be left in place until the moving crew arrives on a future date.