We now offer secure and private storage in Hyattsville, MD and Elkridge, MD!

A smooth experience from Start to Storage!

Features and Amenities

  • COVID-19 priorities! There’s no need to accompany us to the facility – Just be there for the load and we’ll take it from there!
  • Extremely secure facilities
    • Both are secured, and well lit
    • Both have active 24-hour video surveillance
    • Private Facilities (no public access)
  • Clean and well-maintained
  • Bookings in advance
  • Full Value Protection available
  • Moving supplies for sale
  • Email billing and auto-pay available
  • Efficient online booking
  • Climate controlled spaces (availability is limited)
  • You can complete your To Do list with ease!

Important note for these COVID-19 times:

Storage with Bookstore Movers does not require you to be present at the storage facility. If you hire us, we’ll schedule a date for your move and we’ll then carefully prep your items and transport everything to our secure facility without needing anything else from you at the point when we leave your residence or office. Take care of things in peace and safety! We’re happy to offer this extra relief during what can be an otherwise very stressful time. We always prioritize safety and efficiency as we want you to have a smooth experience from start to storage. 

  • Do you have a move that is happening in stages? 
  • Do you need to store your items for a few months before your new home is ready? 
  • Are you heading out of the country for a few months or a few years? 
  • Our expert crews are ready to store your items in our secure facility! 
  • Check with us today for availability!

  • Bookstore Movers offers a full-service, all-in one storage option where we provide your move into our storage facility and your move out as well. 
  • We offer affordable options that are secure and continuously monitored for temperature and humidity. We also offered limited spaces that are climate-controlled to an exact degree.
  • The Bookstore Movers storage facilities are located at our headquarters in Hyattsville, MD and also at a new gleaming facility in Elkridge, MD.

Our full-service storage is ideal for a hassle-free storage experience!  

We offer the benefit of convenience when you book a move and storage with us as we will arrange everything for you (so you will not need to be on-site for either the move into or out of storage!). Feel free to relax as our experienced crews handle everything.  

Let us know today if you’re interested!

How to get an estimate for storage and a move:

The best way to get started is to complete our online estimate form at Once we receive your full list of items to store and your preferred dates, our team of estimators will prepare an estimate for you as soon as possible. (Tip: Please mention on your estimate form if you would like to move some items into a new residence along with storing a portion with us, or if you will need to store your full inventory.)

Pro Tip!
Spots do book up quickly so it’s best to let us know at least 2-3 weeks in advance if not 4-5 weeks if possible in the busy summer season. If you do have a last-minute request though take a few moments to complete our
online estimate form – we’re always happy to check on availability to see if we can help!

Storage FAQ

Why choose Bookstore Movers for my storage needs?

We offer the convenience of handling both the move and storage for you so you’ll have less errands, saving you time and hassle! 

Where will my items be stored?

We offer storage at our headquarters in Hyattsville, Maryland and at a great new facility in Elkridge, MD.

When should I contact Bookstore Movers?

As soon as you’re ready to plan, fill out our form as we’re available 7 days a week (except for federal holidays) and we’re more than happy to provide an estimate for your needs. Typically the sooner you get in touch, the more likely we’ll be able to accommodate your time and date preferences (2-4 weeks is typically best).

What information do I need to provide?

Our estimate form will prompt you for everything we’ll need to provide the estimate. We’ll just need the addresses and logistical information about each address (stairs, elevator access, etc), and we’ll also ask for the entire inventory to move and store, and your preferred dates!

Should I use climate controlled storage or regular storage?

We’re happy to offer both options. Our warehouse stays fairly temperate so even the non-climate controlled storage vaults offer great protection from the elements and the humidity is monitored as well. However, if you do prefer the climate-controlled option, we have spaces available which are controlled to 72 degrees 24/7.

What is Full Value Protection?

We can offer a Full Value Protection policy that would make us legally obligated to compensate full replacement/repair value for a damaged item, and some folks just like that peace of mind. If you are interested in additional coverage, please provide a breakdown of the items to be covered (and their values) and we'll get back to you with more information.

What materials can you provide?

We currently offer:
- $2 per storage paper pad
- $10 per mattress bag
- $10 per high quality moving pad (limit of 10 pads per customer)
- $20 roll plastic wrap
- $15 per wardrobe box purchase

Can I visit my storage unit?

Yes! Although we are a private facility, we do have appointments available (a fee is involved) when you can meet with a crew or managers to access your items. If you are in storage with us, just email us a few times that might work for you and we'll respond promptly!