Moving in the Time of Covid-19

The list of things that are absurdly stressful in life is infinite. Thinking of this list is itself on the list. In any other year, I’d put ‘Moving’ right up at the top there. In 2020… you know, there’s a few other things that have been going on. But if we’re looking at ‘Pandemic’ right at the top of the list, we know there’s a couple subcategories, and moving is definitely one of those.

There are plenty of things that can help though–case and point, hiring a moving company (and packing! And storage! We gotchu!). We work hard at keeping our Covid-19 procedures up to date, and you can check out what we’re up to in our emails and at The information below will also be available in our emails and updates, so don’t worry if you forget about it! 

Here are the things you can do to make sure you have a (more) stress-free move:

  • Be sure to keep areas–especially high touch areas like doorknobs and handrails–cleaned and disinfected. This will protect both your crew and yourself. 
  • Mask up!
  • Stage your items prior to the move so that they’re focused in a smaller area and are easier to grab and move.
  • Have hand soap, water, and paper towels on hand so that everyone can wash up periodically. Don’t forget to show your crew where these items are at the beginning of your move! 
  • Practice social distancing with your crew. You can step outside if it’s warm enough. We suggest prioritizing one room for your crew to get started in, and once that room is clear you can wait in there until the walkthrough. 
  • Limit the amount of people on location. A lot of people may offer to help with your move, but we always suggest you leave it to the professionals. In this climate, it is just safer in general.
  • Open windows for more ventilation.

Overall, there’s not too much you have to do to make sure your move is performed as safely and efficiently as possible. Essentially: a stress-free move involves some prep and then a hands-free approach. Stay safe out there!