New Years: Finally 2021

This year was… a lot. It was a lot. Not all of it was bad, as you can see in this earlier blog, but I don’t think anyone is sad to see 2020 go. As we welcome in the New Year and write up our resolutions, let’s really try to focus on what we’d like 2021 to bring. Whether you pray, meditate, or just send out good vibes– why not start with a little positivity?

I suggest an exercise: think of what you want next year to be. Healthy and safe would be number one for me. Maybe creative, productive, fun. Think of the family and friends you’d like to stay in contact with, even if it has to be online or over the phone. Everything you want the next year to give to you.

Perhaps this exercise yields nothing. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, what is this, The Secret? Manifestation? What good is that phooey? And maybe you’re right. Maybe you are. But, what’s the harm in daydreaming? And more so, why can’t you work to make reality just a bit more like your daydreams?

I want next year to be safer and healthier for myself and those around me, so I’m diligent with my mask and social distancing. I want to be close to people I love, so I schedule time to talk in advance and activities we can do together even when we’re apart–hello Netflix Watch Party! I want to focus on my creativity so I try new things and run with them. Like writing a blog entry, or making up exercises. And for your goals, you can do the same.

So make your lists. Think of all the things that can bring you closer to the way you want things to be. Breathe deep. Take some time to yourself. Sleep well, eat well, stay hydrated. And gosh darn it, bring a coat with you– it’s cold!

Have a Happy New Year! May it be full of love and growth, and most of all: may it not be 2020.