How to Move Plants

If you’re a plant fan, then chances are we don’t have to sell you on the why– indoor plants boost mood, reduce stress, clean air, and do their best to keep you healthy and happy. That’s why people work so hard to do the same for their plants. There are some obvious perils to plant life like pests and environment that can stress a plant out irrevocably. Luckily, moving doesn’t have to be one. 

When it comes to moving a plant, the important part is keeping its environment stable. Make sure you’ve watered it on your typical schedule, and that you won’t be leaving it in a hot car. The idea is to keep it in transit as little as possible and get it back in a similar location. This means choosing a similar placement, like a bright south facing window or low-light north facing window. You don’t want it in the dark of a truck or van, or in the blazing sun of a personal vehicle, for more than a few hours. 

If it is a smaller plant, chances are it can fit in an open box and be transported safely that way. You can wrap the pots carefully and arrange several in a bankers box– a small box that won’t get too heavy. This box can be placed in the truck, but it may be best to move it in your personal vehicle where you can keep track of it more carefully. For pots with just soil, we recommend just starting fresh– moving a pot of soil with no plant to root it together is just not the safest, easiest transfer!

For larger plants, you’ll want to be more careful. One of the best ways to keep your soil as intact as possible is to cut some cardboard to fit over the top of your planter and tape it down. Tape over any drainage holes as well. Plastic wrap could also work for this purpose. After carefully wrapping the planter, your crew will place it in the large commercial bin in the truck. This bin is specifically for large, awkwardly shaped items. If the plant is very large, it may shift a bit– just be sure to make sure to replant it carefully.

Whether you chose to move your plants separately or have them moved in our truck, we’ll take care of your plants as long as they’re in our care. That way, they can keep spreading health and happiness as long as they live. Who could ask for a better roommate, after all?