Best of 2012

In our humble opinion, the best thing about the new year are the endless “Best of” lists that start popping up in mid-December.  Best movies! Best photos! Best sports moments!

How about Best Moments in Moving?  2012 was a great year for us, we were busier than ever and met a ton of interesting and wonderful people through our work.  Here is our own little highlight reel of quotes from our favorite reviews of 2012. If you want to see more, go and check out our page on Yelp!

“These guys arrived early and finished just in time!  They have all the tools necessary to move you.  Anything fragile they’ll wrap up and strap down.  Also,  they are very knowledgeable about spacing issues.  […]  I would definitely recommend this service and shall be using them in the future!”

– Jack T.

“I’m glad that my desired move-in date didn’t fit the schedule of another top-rated moving company on Yelp, because I can’t imagine how they could’ve surpassed the service that Chris and Rashim provided. […]   I’m writing this review after having had a chance to unpack everything – not a scratch or ding to be found anywhere.

I will recommend Bookstore Movers to anyone who asks for my recommendation.”

-Jonny V.

“In the words of the immortal Jeff Spicoli: “Awesome! Totally AWESOME!” […]  Normally moving into a place is an exhausting and frustrating process, but these guys actually made it fun! If you need moving help of any kind, don’t go with anyone but Bookstore Movers!!!!!!”

-Stephanie K.

“The price they quoted me was way less than any other place I contacted. The guys were quick, careful, and were awesome people in general. […]  I’m moving again, and I’m hoping they’ll be available! From start to finish, they provided the most stress-free moving experience I’ve ever had.”

-Abbey B.

“I cannot say enough good things about Benny and the team that moved me into my new condo today! Despite some challenges with the staff at my old building, they were totally cool about everything and made my move quick and painless. “

-K. M.

“Absolutely five star. Matt, Craig, and Aaron turned a day I was dreading into a stress-free experience.  […]

Craig and Aaron arrived at my apartment at 7:51am for an 8am move. […] The guys worked hard and fast – they broke down beds and one piece of weird furniture, moved a mountain of boxes, and wrapped dressers and other pieces for transport in just over an hour. They were creative at my new apartment when the alley wasn’t conducive to an efficient move. They set up our beds and arranged the boxes neatly.

I’m extremely satisfied with my moving experience. Hopefully, I’m going to stay in my new apartment for a while, but if my friends move, I’ll know who to refer!”

– Lexie D.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a review or let us know what you think – it means a lot to us to get feedback like this, it’s nice to feel like we’re doing a good job.

Thank you all, and happy new year!