Michael D. Alexandria, VA

Simply put…I hate moving. Spending hours and hours breaking your back to put things you once removed from a box into a different box to only remove it once again next weekend in a new location. The only thing that could possibly make moving more painful is the inclement weather that stalks every weary Washington DC resident throughout the Spring.

I am delighted to say that this move, at least one of four dreary days, was brightened by the Bookstore Movers. Two days before my fiancee and I were scheduled to move, our mover had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict. Needless to say, this left us in a bad spot. In utter despiration, I contacted Bookstore Movers who had previously indicated they were booked. They responded immediately, spoke with the other clients, and were able to fit us in. As if this gracious effort was not enough, they performed tasks previously thought impossible in the moving industry. They arrived on time. They were courteous. They were cautious with my belongings. They worked hard. They charged a fair price clearly explained before they arrived. The team and the service was, for lack of a better word, awesome (in its classical sense…not in the TMNT sense).

I for one find it ironic that the best mover I have ever hired was, in actuality, not a mover but a used bookstore manager saving up to make the business his own. In sum, my opinion of movers remains unchanged. My opinion regarding the people and services of Bookstore Movers could not be higher. Don’t let the 5 star rating fool you…their exceptional services could not be rated high enough.

Azher S. Arlington, VA

Matt and Craig moved me this passed week and were phenomenal. My sister was using a different set of big name movers and the contrast was ridiculous. Matt and Craig were polite and bent over backwards to do the job right whereas the other movers spent a lot of time hitting on my sister. Also these guys trudged through a half foot of snow that hadn’t melted since the blizzard around my old apartment and didn’t miss a beat. They also are very careful and intelligent with your stuff. They were able to gauge fragile things even with my poor labeling and treated them with extra care. They completed the move of my one bedroom apartment worth of stuff in a little over three hours and didn’t charge me for the extra time over three hours.

Alison G. Arlington, VA

Matt and Craig were awesome. Fast, reliable, and reasonably priced — but also smart and funny. Like to the point that I wanted them to stick around after the move and watch TV with me.

Someone else mentioned that they’re relentlessly good-humored, and it’s really true, which is so nice when you’re in the middle of a move and consumed by anxiety, which is how I get when I’m moving. For instance, they were super accommodating about my inability to commit to a spot for one particular piece of furniture, and they ended up moving it three times for me (and convinced me that they really weren’t put out by it; they actually seemed entertained by it, which made me feel less guilty).

Oh, and Matt let me do all the pre-move communication by email, which I consider a huge bonus.

And, like that’s not enough, they started the business to earn money to buy a bookstore. So I’m sort of rapturous.

I highly recommend these guys.

Sean B. Washington, DC

I had heard about these erudite property transporters through a number of friends, and decided to give them a shot this past weekend. A number of positives that require highlighting: 1) I asked for them to show up at 7 am on a saturday…not only did they show up, but Matt texted me at 6:15 am to make sure that I was awake and ready to go; 2) I discovered during my move that I needed to assemble/disassemble a few pieces of furniture…the Bookstore Movers had all of the tools that I needed; 3) I moved into an eighth story apartment and my couch would not fit in the elevator…Matt and Aaron hauled the couch up eight flights of stairs in about ten minutes; 4) they were QUICK…except for the couch, my move was pretty much completed from beginning to end in 3 hours; 5) I enjoyed their casual but professional demeanor…friendly but very business like. I cant imagine a better moving experience.

Bee C. Arlington, VA

Stop looking for another moving company and hire Bookstore Movers. If they can’t squeeze you into their schedule, you might want to reconsider your moving date and plans. From initial contact to payment, our move with them was actually enjoyable, unlike all of the painful moves that my husband and I have had in the past. Thanks guys!

Matt C. Reston, VA

These guys were great!

I had never hired movers before, instead always relying on friends and a rental truck, so I was apprehensive about trusting my belongings to total strangers. I needn’t have worried with Bookstore Movers though, as they’re professionals all the way through —

First, they had great communication, from start to finish. From my first request for a quote right up through confirming a few days before and a follow-up the day after, they were in regular contact. Other moving companies that I contacted for quotes when I was shopping around dropped the ball by replying late or not at all. These guys never left me feeling forgotten or ignored.

On the day of the move, they showed up promptly on time first thing in the morning, and were immediately ready to start. There was no uncertainty — just a quick look around at everything that I had to move, and then they immediately started loading the truck. They were friendly and personable, and seemed to genuinely enjoy their work (as much as anyone can enjoy carrying heavy objects down three flights of stairs, anyway!). They worked quickly and efficiently, and before I knew it everything was done.

In the end, the move that they had estimated at three to five hours ended up taking just over two.

I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who is looking to move in the DC area. The next time I move (hopefully not too soon!) I’ll be giving them a call.

Brandy N. Washington, DC

Everything about my recent move from an apartment to a townhouse (both in DC) was professional and seamless. Matt was timely in responding to my emails and he and Bo arrived promptly at the designated time. My inability to secure the elevator key didn’t faze them despite the fact that it made the move out of my apartment less convenient. They were careful with all of my items even when taking them up and down some narrow stairwells in the townhouse. They also moved a few pieces of furniture out of the house that we were getting rid of. The estimate/pricing is competitive and fair. I also like that they are local and their bookstore is in my new neighborhood, so I can continue to support a great local business! I would highly recommend them!

Seth D. Washington, DC

Like playing a video game with the God code on, these guys make an annoyingly and difficult situation so easy it almost feels wrong.

On time, amusing banter, extremely helpful and absurdly cheap, call early to book them because they are the best in town. They are my go to team for as long as i’m living in the area.

Leah C. Washington, DC

These guys were amazing. They were early, cordial and professional without being overly so (know what I mean? Too eager?Yeah, not them).

They picked up my one bedroom in about twenty minutes, secured it all in their truck and met me at my new place.

Where their services became extraordinary was the great sofa adventure. My big sofa was about an inch (just an inch!) too tall to fit into the front door on the top of the narrow stairs in a cramped enclosure. After trying several configures to no avail (all of this I foresaw, unfortunately), they trudged in a mild drizzle to the alley to the back door and proceeded to hoist/wind/lift/swing that beast of a sofa around a spiral staircase and into the back door! Incredible!!!

They were so accomodating in arranging the rug, furniture, boxes and totes, all without a complaint!

Amazing. I love their cause and shall shop their bookstore (which, by the way, is a book lover’s delight with the kitschy appearing this week: Norman Mailer signage and the books piling up on the stairs and in the bathroom.

I will gladly help these guys fund the great bookstore-buying endeavor and sing their praises. They are fantastically awesome!

Riley S. Washington, DC

I’m locally nomadic, as in, I don’t even know what the form would look like to renew a lease. That being said, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with moving. After seeing a blurb about Bookstore Movers in the Washingtonian about a year ago, I held onto their name until it was time for my yearly move.

While the move was short, I had about 2 br 2 ba worth of furniture/boxes to move include an extremely loved LED 55 TV, expensive living room and bedroom furniture. For my last move, I used Gentle Giant. They took 6.5 hours to do almost the exact same move, charged about $175/hr and scratched my furniture so bad they had to send out someone to repair it. I was nervous to say the least about trying yet another moving company and praying that this time nothing gets broken, chipped or scratched.

The move was flawless. I went from a high-rise (elevator and loading dock totally separate from building) to a garden style condo. The move took a total of 3 hours. There wasn’t a scratch on anything and they were kind enough to stick around and help me switch the placement of a few pieces of heavy furniture.

Needless to say, I was extremely satisfied and have been recommending Bookstore Movers to anyone that is moving