Stewart C. Washington DC

WHERE DO I EVEN START? (First of all let me preface this review with the fact that I’m not an overly positive and obnoxious complimenting reviewer. If you look over all of my reviews I’m not afraid to give lower stars and I often look to give 4 stars unless someone has blown my socks off.) 

I WAS blown away with every aspect of my experience with this company. I’ve lived in DC for about 9 years and have moved a handful of times. For as long as I can remember I’ve heard about Bookstore Movers as THE company to hire, but unfortunately my turn around time from when I found my future living situation and my moving date were too short to get on to their populated schedule. 

1) They had EASILY the best rate, hands down. 

2) Between my boyfriend and I (more I), we have enough things I was expecting it to take at least 3 hours (as all of my previous moves took at least 4 or 5) and these guys took around 2. 

3) At least once, everyone expressed their well wishes and congratulations. That might seem random and not important in the grand scheme of things, but moving is STRESSFUL and it’s nice to have great, supportive people around you. 

* I also want to specifically give a shout out to the team I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with. They were prompt and accurate on their estimated timing and called me earlier in the day to update me on their expected arrival. They were professional, kind, respectful, genuine… 

In the future, I would rather change my move in date at an inconvenience to me, than work with any other company.

Dana L. Washington DC

Bookstore Movers is absolutely, hands-down the best moving company! We have used them twice and would never use anyone else. They are so courteous, friendly, and professional and they truly care about making your move as quick and painless as possible. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Desiree A. Arlington, VA

I have used this Team multiple times for moves and find them to offer timely, effective, and friendly services. I love how they treat their employees and I love how their employees take special care to make sure that each move goes as smoothly as possible. It is literally a joy to work with this team!

Ronni S. Vienna, VA

GREAT service.  We used Bookstore movers in November for a small move from VA to MD.  From start to finish, they were great to work with. It’s easy to reserve your move time; they provided a clear estimate of potential costs; the movers arrived on time – and even texted ahead of time to confirm their ETA; the movers – Howard and Lloyd – were helpful and friendly; they brought their own blankets to cushion damage-prone items and wrapped them up carefully; and they got to the ultimate destination and efficiently unloaded.  Stress-free, positive experience working with them and it was affordable.

Mimi M. Alexandria, VA

I’m currently in the middle of my 2nd move using BSM and once again I am impressed by how professional, efficient and they are. I can’t sing their praises enough. The entire process is flawless and pain free. From the initial request to book, the scheduling and the move itself these guys have a great system.

Ramsey R. Washington, DC

I’ve moved 12 times in 17 years – and these guys were the best.. they showed up on time, were pro-active, went out of their way to make sure that nothing was damaged. They actually finished early so we had more time to organize our things. We really recommend them! A fantastic group!

Desiree A. Arlington,VA

I have used this Team multiple times for moves and find them to offer timely, effective, and friendly services. I love how they treat their employees and I love how their employees take special care to make sure that each move goes as smoothly as possible. It is literally a joy to work with this team!

Maggie G. Riverdale, MD

Where do I even begin? My fiance and I were SO stressed about moving. I had been living in my apartment for 6 years and had no idea how much stuff we’d accumulated since living together. We just bought a house and knew we couldn’t move on our own. We worried a lot about our things being damaged, so we moved things like plants and artwork ourselves ahead of time. We even stayed up until 1am before the move to make sure everything was packed and sorted efficiently. Well, we shouldn’t have been so worried! Patrick, Chris, Kahdeem, William, and Joshua showed up on time, in great spirits and moved our belongings with a shocking ease. My fiance and I just sat on the couch watching them in awe. The move only took 3 hours from start to finish, and I never worried for a moment that they would damage our items. They take care to wrap everything so it won’t get damaged. I could have cried, I was so relieved at how great they were. I have already told all my friends to use them.

Emma H. Washington, DC

If there is a textbook on how to conduct an efficient, courteous, and affordable move, Bookstore Movers wrote it. From the initial inquiry form through the customer feedback process and everything in between, it felt like I was dealing with REAL people who cared about me and my move. They were highly communicative and courteous WITHOUT being cloyingly nice and trite. Chris called me the morning of the move to tell me he and his crew (Corey and Stephen) would be 7 minutes late. In a world of a 15-minute grace period, I thought this was remarkable. When they arrived, they were quick and efficient without being gruff, dismissive, or rude. Of course, they were careful with all of my things AND the building. I was working within my own inconvenient parking restrictions, and they were committed to getting it done within these constraints. I will reiterate that as friendly as they were, it was not in a way that made me feel it was some big sales pitch that they putting on to get good ratings. I genuinely believe they are good guys, doing good work in the District. I would recommend them to anyone needing to move in the DMV.

Michael D. Alexandria, VA

Simply put…I hate moving. Spending hours and hours breaking your back to put things you once removed from a box into a different box to only remove it once again next weekend in a new location. The only thing that could possibly make moving more painful is the inclement weather that stalks every weary Washington DC resident throughout the Spring.

I am delighted to say that this move, at least one of four dreary days, was brightened by the Bookstore Movers. Two days before my fiancee and I were scheduled to move, our mover had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict. Needless to say, this left us in a bad spot. In utter despiration, I contacted Bookstore Movers who had previously indicated they were booked. They responded immediately, spoke with the other clients, and were able to fit us in. As if this gracious effort was not enough, they performed tasks previously thought impossible in the moving industry. They arrived on time. They were courteous. They were cautious with my belongings. They worked hard. They charged a fair price clearly explained before they arrived. The team and the service was, for lack of a better word, awesome (in its classical sense…not in the TMNT sense).

I for one find it ironic that the best mover I have ever hired was, in actuality, not a mover but a used bookstore manager saving up to make the business his own. In sum, my opinion of movers remains unchanged. My opinion regarding the people and services of Bookstore Movers could not be higher. Don’t let the 5 star rating fool you…their exceptional services could not be rated high enough.