#MovingFail – Biggest Moving Mistakes #5

In this installment of the biggest moving mistakes, we bring you: WATCH OUT FOR THAT HOUSE!  Not a bit of advice that we usually think we need to give, and yet people seem to have such affinity for driving moving trucks into houses.   Not mobile homes – there at least you could claim it just came out of nowhere at least – but full huge stationary family houses.  We really hope nobody was hurt in any of these photos – a moving mistake that ends up in the hospital is just awful.  If you think any of this might happen to you… please, hire a moving professional! #Movingfail - Biggest Moving Mistakes #Movingfail - Biggest Moving Mistakes

#Movingfail – Biggest Moving Mistakes #4

Moving Mistakes Moving Mistakes   Lots of moving mistakes come from moving trucks.  We see and hear about a lot about these moments when the cheap do-it-yourself move goes wrong.  What started off as cheap and easy can quickly become expensive and endless.  Moving yourself is taking a chance – you don’t know the equipment, you’ve maybe never even driven a truck before.  A friend of ours once drove a Uhaul onto the Brooklyn Bridge – only to be stopped by NYPD (no trucks on the Brooklyn Bridge!) and forced to back down the on-ramp.  It makes for a good story – but there’ve got to be other ways to get good stories…

#MovingFail Biggest Moving Mistakes #3

The theme for this #Movingfail Moving Mistakes post is: Keep it in the truck. We know it can be hard to pack things just right; we understand better than most people the temptation to just squeeze a little bit more in when your spouse assures you you can’t fit anything else; we also love the idea of saving a trip by taking as much as possible this time…  But your washer and dryer don’t belong balanced on the top of your trunk, you shouldn’t have a friend hiding in your trunk and holding onto your refrigerator with his hands; a couple bits of string aren’t going to keep that armoire attached to your car….  Please, these are some of the worst moving mistakes…  Just keep it in the truck!   Moving Mistakes moving mistakes   moving mistakes   moving mistakes

#Movingfail – Biggest Moving Mistakes #2

2   Continuing with our series on the biggest moving mistakes, we bring you…  Actually, we’re not sure what to call this one…. “Just Plain Crazy,” maybe? We get requests every so often from people who need to move really large objects that will need to go in through a window.  Pianos, gigantic TV’s, things like that.  Sadly, we have to decline, as we aren’t yet equipped to perform a maneuver such as that safely, and we also don’t particularly want to take on the extra liability that comes with hanging a man-crushingly huge object outside a window.   However, if this is something you need to do on your move, if you email us, we can recommend some other excellent companies with this capacity.  Please just don’t try to do it yourself like in this photo!

#Movingfail – Biggest Moving Mistakes #1

Some of the biggest moving mistakes just shouldn’t happen… We once knew a guy who was a doctor in an emergency room, and he told us that in 90% of the cases that showed up in the ER, the last sentence spoken before they got hurt was: “Here, hold my beer a sec’…”   Biggest Moving Mistakes In our business, the sentence is probably something more like, “That will totally fit, trust me!” – usually spoken by a friend you’ve asked to help out for the day and who will conveniently get a phone call and have to duck out just when the couch (or piano or priceless mahogany dresser that’s an heirloom from your great aunt Gladis…) gets truly and impossibly stuck. Major moving mistake. Moving isn’t rocket science, but experience counts for a lot.  There’s no need for #movingfail!  If you like your stuff, call a professional moving company – check out reviews online, take your choice seriously – or why not just save yourself the time and call the best movers in DC??? And remember, if your friend says, “That will totally fit…” avoid the biggest moving mistakes, do yourself a favor and don’t believe him!