Best Moving Apps

There is no need to tackle a move single handed – your phone can be a huge help too – here are some of the best moving apps available online.

Moving List:Moving App - Moving List

This moving app is basically a collection of lists for every moving task imaginable from finding moving boxes to enlisting friends to help.  Each list includes a time range for when you should get it done too so once you set your moving date you’ll get regular reminders to keep you on schedule.

Our favorite feature though?  There’s an option to help you decide how to deal with stuff you can’t quite manage to throw out.  Shake the phone and the answer will come in true Magic 8-Ball fashion…

Moving Planner:Moving App - Moving Planner

A similar app but for Android devices: easily customizable lists for everything moving related.  With over 210 home moving related items, there really isn’t much else you’ll need to worry about.

Moving Guru:

More moving lists here, but this is a great option for anyone with a more complicated move.  The Moving Guru App lets you choose for an international move or a government move, prepare a message to let your phone contacts know you’ve moved, and even request an estimate.

Moving Van:

This moving app takes it beyond just a bunch of checklists.  As you pack, use the app to note what is in each box, take photos of what’s in there, and assign each box a unique name and number.  Then when you get to your new location and the boxes start coming off the truck, rather than having to rely on your scribbled notes or unclear lists of contents, you know just where the box needs to go and just what is inside it.  Perfect for anyone who has ever thought they were opening their box of essentials and found out they were holding a collection of old high school year books instead…

Yelp:Moving App - Yelp

The Yelp app is fantastic, not just for researching the best moving company in your area (ahem ahem) but for finding everything you need once you’re in your new house.  From the best takeout for that first night to the best place to get rid of old moving boxes, this app is a huge help for moving.   Now if there were a moving app that could haul the boxes and drive the truck, we’d be out of business!  We hope these guys can help in the mean time though making a smoother and easier time out of your move.