Storage Full Value Protection

Storage Full Value Protection (“Storage FVP”) Policy Details -Premium is a one-time fee of $50 + 0.1% of the replacement value of the item(s) per month -There is a $150 deductible on claims -Client is to submit a schedule of valuables for FVP treatment at least 3 business days prior to the move. Each item above $50 in value is to be itemized. -There’s a $5,000 limit on coverage for packable items if client packs him/herself. The limit is $20,000 if Bookstore Movers does the packing. -There’s a $150,000 total limit on coverage A. If damage or loss is caused by our service and is not exempted under our Limits of Liability, Bookstore Movers (“BSM”) reserves the right to repair the item, replace the item with a similar item, or compensate for the cost of repair or current market replace value of the item. B. In no event will BSM be liable for more than the applicable limits of liability shown in the Schedule. C. Following payment of the full amount covered for any item, pair or set, BSM will become the full owners and reserve the right to take possession of the item, pair or set.