Kristen is one of the most veteran of Bookstore Movers admin. She is a mighty leader and constant rockstar. Her favorite comic book character is Rogue, since they rock the same hair (white stripe through the bangs). If she were a D&D character she would also be a rogue–owing to her fondness for sneaking into fortified locations (backstage at New Kids on the Block concerts) and picking locks (to our hearts). However, she uses her real-life ninja skills for organization, conquering packed freezers, and scheduling moves like a true boss. She very rarely reads a book twice since she believes a book’s best life is being passed around for new people to experience and enjoy. She did have the amazing foresight to know that Ready Player One, a favorite book of hers, was not going to be a great movie. You can find Kristen sending emails, taking care of her precious baby Katie, listening to great music, and trying to find time to go to outdoor concerts with her husband Domingo. But you will never find her sleeping. She doesn’t get to do that anymore.