When it comes to de-stressing, Jackie is our girl. Originally from Jersey, she has made DC her home away from home with her husband and their dog, Hank, who are all long time Hill residents. She started our company wellness program which includes weekly yoga/meditation classes and creative workshops, since looking for balance is what her Libra brain does best. Her reading interests vary widely and are always evolving, but when meandering in a bookstore the children’s section is often the first stop, with the excuse that she has 4 nieces, but more likely it’s to get lost in a rabbit hole of some dark Frog & Toad tale. In her spare time Jackie can be found exploring outdoors or volunteering with her favorite nonprofit Serve Your City. Expanding her mind, learning new skills and being more adventurous are always on the to-do list, and she dreams of living in a tiny house at the beach someday.