DC Parking Permits

DC Parking Permits can be obtained here. To obtain one, follow the directions below!

1) Select “register” unless you’ve requested permits before and have that information saved and can select “login.” The steps below are based on registering for the first time and not having login information though.

2) Selecting the type of application is the next step. You will most likely need to select “home owner,” “tenant,” or “individual,” but do not choose “business/organization ” (unless you are a business/organization, of course; but our typical clients are not).

3) Once you have a registered account, select “Parking/Occupancy Permit.” Do not choose the “Commercial Vehicle Permit.” This is a common mistake – don’t do it! It will demand information about our trucks that is not applicable.

4) Select the option to “Apply for Parking Signs/Temporary Occupancy Permits.” Then select “Moving Truck.” Fill out the address and verify it.

5) When selecting the start date and time, we highly recommend reserving the space all day, even if you only have an afternoon move or only a morning move. It just provides much more flexibility for all circumstances and enhances the chances that parking will go more smoothly which will ultimately save you time and expense.

6) When you get to the point where the form asks you to reserve spaces, each of their spaces is 22 feet. 16’ trucks need at least 35’ (2 spaces) and 26’ trucks need 55’ (3 spaces); HOWEVER, the form makes you request 4 spaces at a minimum. So just roll with it and embrace the extra space! Hopefully the extra spaces will deter/alleviate the impact of rebel drivers who take up your valuable space.