#Movingfail – Biggest Moving Mistakes #1

Some of the biggest moving mistakes just shouldn’t happen… We once knew a guy who was a doctor in an emergency room, and he told us that in 90% of the cases that showed up in the ER, the last sentence spoken before they got hurt was: “Here, hold my beer a sec’…”   Biggest Moving Mistakes In our business, the sentence is probably something more like, “That will totally fit, trust me!” – usually spoken by a friend you’ve asked to help out for the day and who will conveniently get a phone call and have to duck out just when the couch (or piano or priceless mahogany dresser that’s an heirloom from your great aunt Gladis…) gets truly and impossibly stuck. Major moving mistake. Moving isn’t rocket science, but experience counts for a lot.  There’s no need for #movingfail!  If you like your stuff, call a professional moving company – check out reviews online, take your choice seriously – or why not just save yourself the time and call the best movers in DC??? And remember, if your friend says, “That will totally fit…” avoid the biggest moving mistakes, do yourself a favor and don’t believe him!