Divine Chocolate!

We recently had a chance to help our good friends at Divine Chocolate move. We encourage all we know to visit their website and try one of their products(Toffee Crunch and the Milk Chocolate Crunch are my most beloved).

Chocolate is good. Maybe we can mostly agree on that. It’s even better when you know you are consuming a sustainable and fairly traded and grown product. That’s what these people are all about.

We’ve succeeded in our business because we believe in treating people fairly. Being upfront and honest. That’s why we are so honored to help a company like Divine even in the most minor capacity. It’s the kind of place where the people that sell the chocolate have met the people who grow the chocolate. In fact the farmers even own about 45% of the company!

I have to also give them major props for helping us out when Bookstore Movers was sending packages to soldiers and aid workers in Afghanistan. Divine Chocolate hooked us up with armloads of chocolate bars. Every single person that wrote back to thank us mentioned that chocolate.

You can grab yourself a sample of Divine at E Street Cinema for the upcoming Filmfest DC April 12-22, and you can always friend those delicious folks at www.facebook.com/DivineChocolateUSA

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