Meet our Movers

mattMatt graduated from William & Mary as an English major in 2000. Since then he’s held a variety of jobs, ranging from counselor for troubled youth to canvasser for USPIRG. Throughout, his passion for books has remained a constant. In 2005 he discovered Capitol Hill Books and immediately fell in love with its many tall and teetering stacks threatening to fall and crush you at any moment. He got a job shelving, and shortly thereafter started Bookstore Movers with his newfound coworkers and friends at the store.
craigCraig A native of Washington DC and one of the longest serving members of the Bookstore Movers crew, Craig is by far the most requested mover on the team. His perfectly formed calf muscles aren’t a product of his Princeton education, but they were a major plus during his interview with Matt. Craig is an avid sports fan, book club member, and paper plane creator. His favorite book is The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina.
aaronAaron-Voted “most likely to call in sick because of a paper cut received while reading,” ABecks is more guapo than many a man but humble enough to admit that his beard is just “too sexy” and not “really too sexy”. Combining his love for the literary world, a Masters in Library Sciences, and a general love of bookworms; Aaron is the definition of a Bookstore Mover. He loves moving, playing bocce ball in the snow and pretending to know the rules of the 4 major sports. His favorite book is David Copperfield’s biography – the audio version.
jasoncJason-Loather of locks, enjoyer of fine beers, and social entrepreneur, Jason is one of the most extroverted members of the crew. J-Dawg loves meeting and chatting up clients. His dazzling knowledge of multiple languages, religion, music, sports and the American Girl doll line is just the tip of the iceberg. Ask him about the time he spent canoeing the Colorado on his own if you want to hear an epic, Homer-esq story of coming of age. His favorite book: Dreams of My Father.
vermontjohnVermont John-A Texas native, Vermont John is a walking paradox. Both lover and fighter, Republican and Democrat, and hipster and posh fashionista, VJ is the crew’s expert on all things Pop. Known to sing Justin Bieber songs while moving, he will be sure to be off rhythm while carrying your couch. An oddball to be sure, he is still a favorite of the crew. His favorite book isn’t a book, it’s his latest edition of People.