We’re Hiring!

This page and application is for our mover and mover/driver positions.

Pay for movers starts at $11/hr + tips. However, this can and will go up significantly if you do well.

If you do very well for a decent period of time, and you have a license with a pretty clean driving record (no DUIs in the past 5 years) you can be promoted to a driver/crew chief, which comes with a very large pay increase (starting at $16/hr + tips, but can go up substantially from there).

We pay substantially above minimum wage, but we do require a lot out of our workers. We were actually voted the Best Movers of the DC area for the past 6 years straight. This means a great deal to us, and we insist it does to all our employees as well. We found in this business that if we just do a really good job on our moves, we are rewarded for it. If you do a good job for us (i.e. work very hard and very consistently), we’ll reward you for it as well.

–Traits we require–
-Good work ethic and positive attitude. You’re going to have to WORK HARD on moves, and you have to thrive on that.
-Ability and desire get to the jobs ON TIME. This is VERY important. You do not need a car, but it’ll help.
-A respectable, professional appearance.
-Have your own cell phone. We must be able to get in touch with you!
-Be polite and courteous to customers.
-You must be physically strong and able to lift at least 120 lbs.
-You must generally be pretty nice and cool!

–Other traits that will make you stand-out–
-good references!
-a clear desire for the job.
-manual labor experience, especially moving experience.
-ability and experience driving a truck.

–If hired, your responsibilities will include–
-communicating with management and customers about the moves
-arriving ON TIME the day of the move
-padding and prepare the items to be moved, including furniture, including possibly fragile and expensive items
-loading and unloading the items
-driving the truck if we trust you with it!

Now for the application process. In the past we’ve gotten responses from a lot of folks that were not serious about the job. How do we know? If you’re slow in responding to our emails, or late to the job interview, or late to your first gig, we know you aren’t serious about the job.

To minimize this we’ve made phase one of the application process more stringent. Meaning, we’re going to make you jump through a few hoops. The good news is, if you jump through them all and your performance is solid, there’s a very good chance we’ll give you a shot and your time will not have been for nothing. We ARE looking for workers. They just need to have the right stuff!

If you’re up for it, please fill out and submit the form below. thanks.

Note: *DO NOT call us regarding your application!* We get hundreds of applicants, and calls can quickly overwhelm us. If we’re interested in your application, you’ll hear from us within 7 days.

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Employment is contingent on successful completion of a background check.
Personal Information
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Some people say that the best way to learn is through our mistakes. Can you tell me about a mistake that you made, either work or personal, that taught you a significant lesson?
Also, what distinguishes you from all the other applicants out there. Tell us something unique about you.